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Исполнитель: Jay-Z & Kanye West
Композиция: Why I Love You (feat. Mr Hudson)
Жанры песни: Club
Размер файла: 7.20 Мб
Теги песни: Jay-Z&KanyeWestWhyILoveYou.MrHudson
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Текст песни Jay-Z & Kanye West - Why I Love You (feat. Mr Hudson):

I love you so
But why I love you, I'll never know (x4)

Picture if you will
That the throne was burning
Rome was burning
And I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning
Why does it always end up like this?
Something that we don’t determine
Same people that I fought for
That I fight for, that I ride for
That I live for, that I die for
Be the reason that these niggas is alive for and they want me dead
But I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you
But I can make em put their hands in the sky for you
We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th
Get fly more, get high more, cry boy, why for?
When the grief is over
Beef is over
I’ll be fly when Easter’s over
I tried to teach niggas how to be kings
And all they ever wanted to be was soldiers
So the love is gone
Til blood is drawn
So we no longer wear the same uniform
Fuck you squares
The circle got smaller
The castle got bigger
The walls got taller
And truth be told after all that said
Niggas still got love for you


Showed love to you niggas
You ripped out my heart and you stepped on it
I picked up the pieces
Before you swept on it
God damn this shit leaves a mess don’t it
Shit feelin’ like death don’t it
Charge it to the game
Whatever’s left on it
I spent about a minute
Maybe less on it
Fly pelican fly
Turn the jets on it
But first I shall digress on it
Wasn’t I a good king?

[Kanye West]
Maybe too much of a good thing, huh?

Didn’t I spoil you?
Me or the money, what you loyal to?

[Kanye West]
Huh, I gave you my loyalty

Made you Royalty and royalties

[Kanye West]
Took care of these niggas lawyer fees

And this is how niggas rewardin' me

[Kanye West & Jay-Z]


Bussin’ at me, b-b-b-bussin’ at me
But I’m bullet proof, bitch you can’t get nothin’ past me
Got body armor
[Kanye West]
A nigga gotta watch the throne

And I’m bussin’ back
So niggas in a glass house should not throw stones
What do you do when the love turns the hate?

[Kanye West]
Gotta separate from these fuckin fakes

Caesar didn’t see it so he ceased to exist
So the nigga that killed him had keys to his shit
Am I my brother’s keeper?

[Kanye West]
Only if that nigga don’t creep up

Got a pistol under my pillow

[Kanye West]
I’ve never been a deep sleeper


[Kanye West]
Cause the nigga that said he’ll...

Blast for ya

[Kanye West]
Is now...

Blastin for ya
That’s an assassin for ya

[Kanye West]
These niggas got a shot they’ll shoot

Please lord

[Kanye West]
Forgive him

For these niggas

[Kanye West]
Not know

What they

[Kanye West & Jay-Z]
Do (Ooh)


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