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Исполнитель: Eminem
Композиция: Seduction
Жанры песни: Rap
Размер файла: 6.22 Мб
Теги песни: EminemSeduction
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Текст песни Eminem - Seduction:

I don't know man, just feels like, well a lot different
Kinda feels like, I'm on a whole different page right now
Feels strange but um, I guess it's kinda like.. it's kinda like

[Verse One]
I feel like I'm morphin, into somethin' so indcredible
That I'm dwarfin', all competetors, better get your girlfriend in check
It's psychological warfare, and dolphin side-effect
Your self esteem shatters his dialect, comes blastin' out your deck

She loves me, so much passion you'd expect this sort reaction
From her yet, you're strong oh, you're f**kin' corny, you try to turn
Your charm on, cause you just think you're Bishop the don one
But if you think you're f**kin' with me, homie you're on one

I'm cockin' my head back like 'Ed Lover, come on son
She's on my johnson, she brings my name up constant
Your boys are like "She's f**kin' with dude
She wants son", homeboy, you better get a clue

She's on my d**k cause I spit better than you
What you expect her to do? How you expect her
To act in the sack, when she's closin' her eyes
Fantasizin' of diggin' her nails in my back to this track

[Chorus 2x]
Seduction, seduce
Ain't nobody who's as good at what I do
Cause one minute she loves you
The next she don't, she's been stolen from you

[Verse Two]
She's sittin' there gettin' liquored up at the bar, she says it's quicker
To count the things that ain't wrong with you than to count the things that are
There's a seven disc CD changer in her car
And I'm in every single slot, and you're not, aww

I'm the logo on that Dallas Cowboy helmet, a star
And I'm not about to sick back and just keep rhymin' one syllable, nah
Switch it up and watch them haters not give it up, cause they're just not good enough
But I'm not givin' up til I get my respect, and I won't stop til I get enough

Cause I'm not livin' up to my own expectations, aww
That hater alarm is soundin' off, and Obama took the bomb from my name, aww
So quit cryin' that I took your dame, homie she's my dame, aww
You sadly mistaken if you thinkin' that I'm not on my game boy

And things just ain't been the same since the day that I came for it
You wear your heart on your sleeve, I sport that white tank boy
But you got a hard on for me, what you hollerin' my name for?
It's your b**ch on my d**k, ain't my dang fault, man I can't call it


[Verse Three]
It's like we're playin' lyrical tug of war with your ear, you hear it, girl come here
Put your ear up to the speaker, dear, while I freak this world premier
Seducin' her, loosen up with a little freestyle, wait, am I losin' ya?
Am I makin' you look bad? Well I got news for ya homie, you're losin' her

Oh wait she don't like when I spit it fast
Am I tryna show how, let me slow it down
It's still gonna be a blowout
You're gonna wanna throw out your whole album

Rummage through the sh** and try to salvage somethin' to see
If you can save any of it punk, but none of it's f**kin' with me
Prick you really feelin' that bullsh**?
You think you killin' them syllables?

Quit playin', these beats ain't nothin' to fool with
They call me fire Marshall, I shut the sh** down
Your entire arsenal is not enough to f**k with one round
I am also the opposite of what you are like

You're of what the f**k I am on the mic
I am awesome, and you are just awe-struck
She's love-stricken, she's got her jaw stuck
From s**kin' my d**k, aww f**k



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