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Исполнитель: Chris Brown feat Pitbull
Композиция: International Love
Жанры песни: Club Dance
Размер файла: 3.40 Мб
Теги песни: ChrisBrownPitbullInternationalLove
Рейтинг песни:
5 (Голосов 39613)

Количество скачек: 42227

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Текст песни Chris Brown feat Pitbull - International Love:

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
You put it down like New York City
I never sleep!
Wild like Los Angeles
My fantasy!
Hotter than Miami
I feel the heat!
Ohh, Miss International love
Ohh, Miss International love

I don't play football but I've touched down pretty much
All around the world, all around the world,
I don't play baseball but I've hit a home run
All around the world, all around the world,
I've been to countries and cities I can't pronounce
And the places on the globe I didn't know existed...
In Romania she pulled me to the side and told me
Pit you can have me and my sister,
In Lebanon yeah the women are bomb
And in Greece you've guessed it the women are sweet,
Spinned all around the world but I ain't gon' lie
There's nothing like Miami's heat

[Chorus: Chris Brown]

Ain't looking for visas,
Ain't talking credit cards if you know what I mean!
Uaaa, la cosa esta dura
The woman gets down, if you know what I mean!
Got everything on -
Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen,
In Brazil is freaky big oh booty and they bounce,
Blue yellow and green!
En L.A. tengo la Mexicana, en New York tengo la...
He sido para todas las mujeres en Venezuela,
Y en Miami tengo a cualquiera!

[Chorus: Chris Brown]

There's not a place that your love
Don't affect me, baby,
So don't ever change
I crossed the globe when I'm with you baby

[Chorus: Chris Brown]


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