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Исполнитель: Linkin Park
Композиция: I Have Not Begun
Жанры песни: Rock
Размер файла: 7.71 Мб
Теги песни: LinkinParkIHaveNotBegun
Рейтинг песни:
5 (Голосов 10665)

Количество скачек: 11398

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Текст песни Linkin Park - I Have Not Begun:

Maybe's a chance I've already keep y'all waitin'
This goes out to everybody still hatin'
For those that fake y'all can keep on fakin'
Pokin' a plate for you to sink your whole face in
Taste good only 'cause its just so you know it's nothin'
I getchu buggin' like tabooie and some robutussin
Its just the way that I notions time I slap the track
And turn around and choke each rhyme, pyrochlast
To the nation like NPC, with pairs of 60's like an MPC
To letter an ass woopin' via mp3,
Givin' you people more reality than MTV
Do a PPV snap necks with the pressure mega mess
To carry you out on a stretcher
You consume the ewl the law won't protect ya
Even the courtroom sketcha can out sketch ya
And now followin' me, got your number on column
A D try you can holla with me, approach the pain
I'ma check the body in threes, you can sittin' there stuttering
Pr-probably, follow me,

I got styles you can chop me one
Back in line I know you wanna stop me son
Here's news for you fucka that cannot be done
You can look and eye it pissed I have not begun

Alcoholic, police close to bat,
You think you're hard muh'fucka'? you're an easter egg
You gotta past at shell with a soft inside
Squash your pride you think I fuckin' lost my mind?
I'm not playin'. I might as well be makin' a bomb
I'm layin' down a foundation when I'm takin' you on
Bet the fall of the rhyme for the sake of my mom
She's like "Mike show these pigs what kind of bacon you're on"
Its funny but don't laugh, money with no cash
The real of the vocab, killin' is no path
The realest to romat, don't even know half
I'm rankin' a full tank you're runnin' on low gas

Take that, crack off your fund,
You're nothin' but a butternife stoppin' a gun
You can dance with your chances slim and none
You can take it I have finished I have not begun

Gotta razor blade tongue
And I kid this done
No wonder just dumpin' on your crew for fun
Machine stop got it locked like the game's a joke
Say summin' funny get the whole gang to vote
Let 'em pucka now fucka go get your own
We've been roamed ten years since we did this note
The people on the block start to get numb
They expect it its fresh when the new shit come
It grows, let 'em know they can fix around
Railroad, rap hot tracks one and you're down
And they're askin' repeat how I do this now
Like I'm really gonna tell 'em how I get this sound
We just doin' what we do gettin' from that place
We come in the back like we're on this bitch
Turn the lights down low when we start this show
What, you two get me right back in the go

Its take that, take that, cuttin' if your fun
You're nothin' but a butternife stoppin' a gun
You can dance with your chances slim to none
You can think that I am finished I have not begun

Follow me I got styles you can chop me one
Back in line I know you wanna stop me son
But I got news for you fucka that cannot be done
You can think that I am finished I have not begun


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